Sharks in Moscow: The Moskvarium at VDNH starts an online summer project about marine life

15 july 2021

On 15 July, VDNH launches a new educational online project: Sharks in Moscow. Up until 26 August, the Aquarium will be posting interesting facts, photo galleries, infographics and videos about various species of sharks on its official social media pages.

From 15 July to 26 August, every Thursday at 12:00, subscribers to Moskvarium's official pages, YouTube channel and social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte) will enjoy video lectures and online events with scientists, travellers, ichthyologists and environmentalists. During the project, the experts will tell you about the diverse range of shark species, their origin and evolution, natural habitat, anatomy and lifestyle. Special focus will be placed on how the population of sharks has declined as a result of human activities. The project will be launched to coincide with Shark Awareness Day, an important date for environmentalists celebrated all over the world in mid-June.

Social network users will learn about the era when megalodons, the predecessors of modern sharks, lived, what senses the predators use to establish spatial awareness as well as places where you can swim with whale sharks. Also, as part of the online programme, you will be able to see baby catsharks in Moskvarium's kindergarten at VDNH.

One of the guest lecturers for the project will be Valdish Pelsh, a TV host, originator of the idea and producer of The Great White Dance, a film about white sharks.

The online programme starts on 15 July with an overview video featuring sharks from Moskvarium: sand tiger sharks, whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, catsharks, leopard (zebra) sharks, hound (tope) sharks, Japanese bullhead and carpet (wobbegong) sharks. You can view these fish, including the newly born baby whitetip shark, at the aquarium exposition, which is open to the public daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

On 15 July, the official Moskvarium page on Instagram will run a contest dedicated to sharks for its subscribers. You are welcome to come up with a name for a nonexistent species of sharks and offer an explanation in the comment section under the post. Three winners of the contest will be announced on 22 July. Each of them will get two tickets to the aquarium exposition.

The complete programme of the Sharks in Moscow project is available on the VDNH Moskvarium website.

Every year, in July, various countries of the world celebrate Shark Awareness Day. Experts describe sharks as creatures that play a key role in the Earth's ecosystem, point to their vulnerable situation and "ocean clean-up" function, as sharks reduce the number of weak and sick fish of other species. There are more than 500 various shark species on the planet. They can be found in all the oceans of the Earth. Besides, there are several fresh water species living in rivers.

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