A story about the love of books at the VDNH Slovo Centre

22 july 2021

On July 25, the Slovo Centre will host a free children's production, The Terrible Mrs Murphy. The play is based on a book by Eoin Colfer, a contemporary Irish writer. It is a fascinating story of how youngsters discover the joys of reading. The spectators will enjoy cheerful songs and powerful acting.

On July 25 at 12:00, the VDNH Slovo Centre will present a multimedia children's production, The Terrible Mrs Murphy. The actors will tell a story of the adventures of two Irish boys using puppets, musical instruments and interactive videos. The play is set in a library run by Mrs Murphy. The young audience will discover why Mrs Murphy was nicknamed "terrible" and whether it was really fair to do so. Despite the frightening title of the play, The Terrible Mrs Murphy is really engaging and funny. In a fun way, children will be shown how reading can be transformed from a punishment into a hobby.

The production stars Anton Kalipanov, director of the Taratumb Creative Group and Ruslan Volfson, director of the Small Theater. The actors have been doing puppet shows and other stage productions for children for many years.

The show is part of the free cultural and educational project Knowledge. VDNH. Audience age restrictions: 5+. Number of spectators – up to 50, subject to advance registration for each person.

The event will comply with all established health and safety procedures. Spectators must use personal protective equipment and observe social distancing rules. You can find more information on the anti-coronavirus measures at VDNH here.

Participants in the VDNH Friends loyalty programme will receive a discount on tickets for Slovo Centre for Slavic Writing and other exhibition venues. For a full and regularly updated list of the partner venues of the programme, see the page of the programme on the VDNH website.

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