A roller rink has opened at VDNH, where visitors can learn roller skating

22 july 2021

Russia's main exhibition is a popular place for roller skating. Along with bicycles, skateboards and snowboards, roller skates are one of the visitors' favourite means of getting around. At VDNH, a special roller rink has opened for total beginners — those who are just starting to practice roller skating and are learning the basics.

A roller rink for beginners has opened in the VDNH pond area near Building No 547. It is perfect for anyone who has just started practising roller skating and is learning the main moves and correct skating techniques. The rink is open round the clock and admission is free.

Before, to learn roller skating, visitors were practising in undesignated areas: any open-air space they could find, like pedestrian walkways and parking lots. The special rink will make the learning process faster, more fun and, most importantly, safer.

The visuals presented at the rink are easy and intuitive to understand: the markings show what you should do at every stage of your practice. Children will just love the bright, colourful course that will make learning more fun, like a game. Once roller skaters have mastered the basic moves they can take a shot at more complicated steps such as freestyle slalom and speed slalom.

A new venue has opened in the VDNH pond area, where most of the sports activities take place. This part of the exhibition has a special place for working out. There is a boathouse and a wake park on the Kamenetsky ponds and, on the opposite bank, an all-purpose recreation ground for playing mini-football and streetball as well as the Sky Town rope park.

To avoid any accidents and potentially hazardous situations VDNH would like to remind you of the need to follow the skating rules and be mindful of other people who are also engaged in these activities.

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