Immune-boosting ice cream to be offered at the Main Exhibition

27 july 2021

A new line of special health-improving ice cream will be sold at VDNH. This exclusive product will attract healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, as well as those wishing to boost their immune system. The ice cream, containing vitamin C, protein and prebiotics, is an excellent remedy against fatigue and can help increase muscle tone. Visitors will be able to try the new product this week during VDNH's anniversary celebration. During the 2021 summer season, the Exhibition has sold more than 200 different varieties of ice cream, which has been the traditional dessert of VDNH since 1939.

Healthy ice cream

From 30 July to 1 August, 'health carts' with the immune-boosting cold sweet from Baskin Robbins will be available on the Exhibition grounds. It will also be offered at the Ice Cream café to the left of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre, as well as in the Ice-Cream Lab.

This summer, there are a total of 26 mobile seasonal kiosks on the Exhibition grounds, offering visitors the chance to taste VDNH branded ice cream without interrupting their guided tour or walk. Plombiere, cream ice and original berry sorbets are featured on every restaurant menu at VDNH, including at Ottepel, Moscow Sky, Ararat and AnderSon.

For the most sophisticated dessert-lovers

At the food court between pavilions No. 64 and 66, residents and guests of the capital can try exotic ice cream bars shaped like famous personalities. Flavours include Monroe Bubble Gum, Mayakovsky Cranberry Sherbet and Che Guevara Chocolate.

The newest monthly specials at the Ice-Cream Lab are papaya and pineapple, as well as almond and iris. The Ice-Cream Lab also offers a variety of ice creams featuring the flavours of all the flowers growing at VDNH, including lavender, Mexican aloe and violet. Visitors can also enjoy a piece of strudel stuffed with ice cream or a lava cake filled with melted chocolate and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

This summer, the Ice Cream café near the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre is offering visitors their choice of more than 170 types of ice cream.

Ice cream at VDNH: a tradition

Ice cream has been sold at VDNH since it first opened in 1939. In addition to stationary kiosks and carts, when the Glavkhladoprom pavilion opened, it not only offered visitors a taste of various types of dairy products; it also let them sample ice cream, the favourite cold dessert of millions of Soviet citizens.

In 1954, the pavilion was dismantled, moved to the right of the Friendship of Peoples Fountain and rebuilt in the form of a huge block of ice sparkling in the sun. The figure of a seal holding an ice cream cone was displayed on the top of the building. Two years later, the Glavkhladoprom pavilion was renamed the Ice Cream pavilion. On the weekends, hundreds of people would gather at the pavilion to cool down and enjoy delicious Eskimo, Plombiere and creme brulee ice cream.

All VDNH venues operate in compliance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor. More information on anti-coronavirus measures at VDNH can be found here.

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