The VDNH Museum turns two

29 july 2021

On 1 August, the VDNH Museum celebrates its second anniversary. To mark the occasion, entrance to the museum will be free on both 31 July and the anniversary day itself. Visitors can take part in free guided tours and be the first to see the new Stars and Cotton exhibition, which will officially open on the day of the anniversary. All events will comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards.

On 1 August, the new Stars and Cotton exhibition will open in the VDNH Museum. The name refers to the traditional Central Asian motifs that were used when designing the pavilion of the Uzbek SSR. The exhibition is dedicated to the history of the building and its architect, Stefan Polupanov. Guests will get to admire elements of the pavilion's decoration and see a copy of the book Architectural Monuments of Samarkand with a dedication from its author, Stefan Polupanov.

The Stars and Cotton exhibition has been organised through the One-Item Exhibition project. This is a series of mono-exhibits about objects and people associated with VDNH and its history.

A special Stars and Cotton gallery has been created in the Media Centre of the VDNH Museum specifically for the exhibition. There, visitors will find additional materials about the exhibition, including examples of decoration on Central Asian architectural monuments, images of the pavilion of the Uzbek SSR in different periods of the Exhibition's history and decorative ornaments on the pavilion.

Another exposition has been extended until December 12th: An 'Outside' View of an Established Photographer. This exposition contains a collection of everyday life shots of the Main Exhibition of the country throughout the 1950s–1960s. Entrance to the exposition will also be free on the anniversary of the VDNH Museum.

In addition, on 1 August, the guided tours 'Happy Birthday, VDNH! Happy Birthday, Museum!' will be held. Visitors will learn about the main events in the history of the Exhibition, as well as the symbolism and hidden meanings of the architecture of the pavilions.

The VDNH Museum opened on 1 August, 2019, on the Exhibition's 80th anniversary. The collection includes historical artefacts, multimedia exhibits, graphics and video materials dedicated to the great history of VDNH. The exposition is also equipped with tactile exhibits for visitors with special needs. In 2021, the VDNH Museum was the winner of the 'Museum for All' category of the Corporate Museum competition.

The territory of VDNH complies with all sanitary and epidemiological safety standards. Visitors must wear personal protective equipment and observe social distancing rules. More information regarding anti-coronavirus measures at VDNH can be found here.

Members of the VDNH Friends loyalty programme will receive a discount on tickets to the VDNH Museum and other exhibition venues. For a full and regularly updated list of programme partner venues, see the programme page on the VDNH website.

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