Some of the exhibits at the Slovo Centre are temporarily unavailable

3 august 2021

Dear guests! Please be advised that from 4 to 31 August, work will be in progress at the Slovo Centre of Slavic Writing to assemble a new exposition zone. All parts of the venue except for the History Hall will be closed during this time. Tickets to the Centre will be sold at a 50% discount.

Due to the creation of a new exposition, the Centre will be under maintenance from 4 to 31 August. During this time, regular tickets will cost RUB 150 and discounted tickets, RUB 50. Regular tickets will also be available at an extra discount of 20% when you pay with your Mir card.

Free admission during the Happy Hours will continue to apply on weekdays. Entry is session-based, lasting from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The number of tickets is limited. Free tickets are only available at the Centre's ticket offices.

Visitors to the Slovo Centre for Slavic Writing will learn how the Slavic script has developed from the 9th century to the present day, as well as how writing is related to the spiritual, cultural and political life of society. They will learn to decipher Church Slavonic manuscripts, study the history of the first Russian printing house and even discover what kind of 'social messenger' people used in Ancient Novgorod.

Anti-coronavirus measures continue to apply in VDNH museums and exhibition spaces. Visitors to the Slovo Centre must wear masks and keep at a social distance of 1.5–2 metres.

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