Riding Electric Scooters at VDNH: Safety Tips

13 august 2021

VDNH, with its vast territory, is one of the most popular places in Moscow for riding electric scooters. It offers about 50 24/7 parking spaces for these modern means of transportation, where visitors can rent any out of over 640 scooters. To make your stay safe for everyone else at the Exhibition, our team has published a set of safety recommendations.

  1. Check your scooter before the ride. All structural elements must be intact and work smoothly. Test the brakes, the throttle and the headlights.

  2. Put on protective gear. Wearing a helmet and other safety equipment is not mandatory, but highly recommended. This will protect you from serious injury in case you crash.

  3. Do not take anyone else with you (not even a child!). Most electric scooters can only carry a weight of up to 100 kg. If the maximum weight is exceeded, the mechanism may break apart on the move. The rules of renting electric scooters at VDNH prohibit scooter use by two or three people at once.

  4. Let pedestrians pass. If you encounter pedestrians, slow down and, if required, let them use your path.

  5. Do not use your phone or wear headphones. The electric scooter driver must be fully aware of the road at all times. If you are too absorbed by your music, you might not hear a warning signal or the voice of a pedestrian calling out to you.

  6. Only ride along the Ring Road. VDNH's Central Alley is a slow zone, where vehicles cannot speed up to over 7 km per hour. The Ring Road, with its speed limit of 20 km per hour, is much more fitting for a comfortable scooter ride.

  7. Be mindful of traffic rules. There is special signage and road markings for that. Ride only in the permitted direction, do not use the oncoming lane.

  8. Avoid using the scooter in the dark or in rainy weather. Poor visibility reduces safety. If you still want to go for a ride, do not forget to turn on your headlights and use reflective items.

  9. Only ride when sober. Alcohol and other intoxicants will reduce your attention span and response speed, creating a hazard for all Exhibition visitors.

  10. Be considerate. Think about both your own safety and the comfort of other people.

If you want to ride an electric scooter at VDNH, you can use the Urent or Rusharing service. To do that, download the Urent or Rusharing app for iOS or Android, register an account and scan the QR code on the scooter's handlebar. The parking spots are marked on the Exhibition's interactive map. Weather permitting, the riding season will last until October.

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