The Year in Photographs #In 365 photography exhibition at VDNH's Books Pavilion

24 august 2021

Photo artist Vladimir Mukhin will be unveiling his exhibition project at the Book Pavilion on 24 August, showcasing 36 photographic works and an art installation of 252 components. The exhibition will be open until 17 October.

Mukhin took and published one photograph a day for a year. The artist became so absorbed in the process he ended up creating a full-scale exhibition project. Every photo on show is part of a greater image, yet each photo has its own personality, stands on its own and conveys a broad spectrum of emotions.

'The Year in Photographs #In 365 is the history of one year in a person's life, told in photographs', explained the artist. 'It's a field for experiment, an attempt to look at oneself from a different angle, to find one's unique path. It's about people, moods, events, emotions and meanings. It is a project about everything at once—things that mattered and things that did not.'

Admission is free, subject to compliance with the applicable anti-coronavirus precautions: all visitors are expected to wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

Age restrictions: n/a

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