Space Lesson at VDNH: How to Make Childish Dreams of Piloting an Aeroplane a Reality

26 august 2021

From Model to Glider, from Glider to Aeroplane is the title of the Space Lesson to be taught at VDNH's Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre on 28 August 2021. Our special guests will recount the qualifications sought-after in the aviation industry today, explain why aeromodelling is such an important and exciting sport, and discuss the Children's Aviation and Space Salon (DAKS)—the world's first aerospace show organised for children in Russia.

As is customary, the show to be held at 11 a.m. on 28 August will be MC'd by Space Pilot of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Fyodor Yurchikhin, President of the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre. The Space Lessons project was his idea. The special guests to attend the event are Director of the Aviation Centre of the Roscosmos State Corporation, Director of Children's Aerospace Show Vladimir Borisov, Deputy Chair of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovation-Driven Development and Enterprise Denis Kravchenko, President of the Aeromodelling Sport Federation of Russia, veteran test pilot and Hero of Russia Yuri Vashchuk and veteran test pilot Valery Vanshin.

From Model to Glider, from Glider to Aeroplane is not just any motto but the historic motto of the Soviet Osoaviakhim—Society for the Assistance of Defence, Aircraft and Chemical Construction, whose mission was to bring young people into aviation. Those attending the Space Lesson will talk about aeromodelling and how the childhood dreams of taking to the sky can become a reality. Those in attendance will also discuss the world's first children's aerospace show (DAKS'2021), held near Moscow on 20–22 August. The show is named in honour of Igor Volk, Hero of the Soviet Union, Space Pilot of the Soviet Union, veteran test pilot of the USSR.

Attendance at the Space Lesson is free by prior registration. The event is part of project Knowledge. VDNH. Those unable to attend the event in person will be able to enjoy it via a live stream on VDNH's official Odnoklassniki community. Viewers are welcome to ask questions in comments to the video. Our special guests will answer the more interesting questions on the live stream. The number of participants may not exceed 40, the age restriction is 8+.

All VDNH events comply with the anti-coronavirus regulations. Visitors to VDNH museums and exhibition spaces are expected to wear face masks and gloves, and observe social distancing. More information on anti-coronavirus measures at VDNH can be found here.

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