At Home at VDNH: podcast launched about Russia's No. 1 Exhibition

27 august 2021

Where are some of the best spots for strolls and photoshoots at VDNH? What notable events of the past are associated with these places? What secrets does VDNH's history hold? With the assistance of MEGOGO Audio, a VDNH historian will answer these and other questions in the new podcast At Home at VDNH.

A new 20-minute release will await the listeners every ten days. The host Elizaveta Kriger will share the most curious facts about out-of-the-way locations, and reveal some of the mysteries that haunt the history of VDNH, a one-of-a-kind cultural cluster where timeless architectural masterpieces get imbued with new life.

What makes this podcast special is that joining the host and the audience on their quest for new perspectives on familiar places at VDNH will be the podcast characters Jimena from Colombia, Tatyana from Chelyabinsk and native Muscovite Sergei. Every special guest has some knowledge of VDNH and an idea of what it's like. Their questions and comments will help others to know VDNH better. The audience will be encouraged to challenge them with quizzes.

The first podcast is about film. The audience finds out how the iconic Mosfilm intro was filmed, which feature-length films include footage of VDNH's historic pavilions, which Hollywood actors have visited VDNH and more. Elizaveta will prompt on where to go to find the scenery for the most cinematic shots at VDNH.

All podcast releases of At Home at VDNH will be available for free listening in the Audio section of the MEGOGO mobile app. Follow this link to hear the first podcast.

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