14 august

Lera Lynn, Nikola Melnikov, Fyodor Biryuchev, and Art Music Brass Band Have Performed at VDNH: photo reportage

Last weekend, as a part of the 3rd Festival of Wind Instruments at VDNH, visitors of the new summer venue "VDNH Green Theatre Stage on the Water" enjoyed the melodic songs by Lera Lynn, performance of neoclassicists Nikola Melnikov and Fyodor Biryuchev, as well as lively compositions were performed by Art Music Brass Band.


American Lera Lynn has earned popularity thanks to her work on the soundtrack for the True Detective series. Her songs can be heard in almost every episode of the second season, and Lynn herself appears in some episodes as a singer in a bar. Currently, her discography includes five albums, and it would be flat out wrong to talk about Lera Lynn in terms of just one successful soundtrack, as she is justly considered to be among the leaders of modern singers and composers, and is popular throughout the world.

Nikola Melnikov is a neoclassic composer and electronic producer from Moscow. For 20 of 24 years, he has been professionally performing on the piano. His first album made it onto the list of the world's Top-100 on iTunes. In 2015, Melnikov presented #technopiano — a live grand piano and digital performance. Each set is a half-improvisation, and develops within the atmosphere of each place in absolutely different ways.

Nikola performed and created the sound design for the opening ceremony of the finals of the World Chess Championship in New York (2016), Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris AW 15/SS 16, Zahi Hadid Gala Dinner at the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, and many more private and public events for the world's most famous brands.

Pianist and composer Fyodor Biryuchev is one of the most outstanding representatives of Russia's contemporary classical music. He was awarded several international awards, including the laureate diploma of the first degree at the International Festival of Arts (Ferriere, Italy). His style represents a harmonious combination of melodic and complicated classical music, as well as freedom-loving and gentle modern music.

Art Music Brass Band is a cover brass band from Moscow consisting of seven graduates of the Moscow Conservatory and the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music who currently work in the best symphony orchestras and musical theatres in Moscow.

This band gives everyone a unique opportunity to listen to modern hits or favourite songs from our childhood during a live performance of wind instruments. It does not matter if you like modern hits from Daft Punk or miss the famous compositions from Mirage or Yuri Antonov because repertoire of this band is suitable for the widest audience, as it is a seamless blend of hits of the 1980s and modern cover songs.

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