Eco Trail

About place

The Eco Trail, located in the area of the Wild Nature landscape park, offers a fascinating walk through the historic oak forest that used to be part of the Sheremetev estate and an opportunity to enjoy VDNH nature from a new and unusual angle.

The elevated boardwalk lifts strollers as high as the treetops and leads through the foliage, revealing the beauty of the old Sheremetev oak grove without causing it any harm. Common oak is the prevailing tree genus here. The average age of the trees exceeds 150 years, but 200-year specimens occur quite frequently.

The Eco Trail is open any time of day and night, in any season. The entire route is illuminated at night. The Eco Trail consists of straight and curved spans with handrails, resting on twisted metal girders. The structure gets as high as 6.5 metres. Its total length is about 500 metres.

Access to the Eco Trail is free.

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