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Food Court Between Pavilions No. 64 and No. 66

Today till 20:00
About place

The food court is open to visitors.

The food court consists of several cafés with snacks and hot meals. The food court is also equipped with ramps for the convenience of our guests with disabilities. And there are tables, benches and umbrellas to protect visitors from the sun and rain. The food court has a wonderful view of the fountains and Ostankino Tower.

  • At the mobile café Gyros for Heroes, our guests can try traditional Greek gyros: chicken in pita bread with the yoghurt sauce tzatziki, fresh vegetables and chips. The kiosk has also got salads, cold soups, burgers and a wide selection of hot and cold drinks on their menu.
  • For the kind of street food that is common in the Far East, go straight to the mobile pavilion Pyan-Se. Here guests can try delicious steamed buns with vegetable, meat or fish stuffings with spices. Or you can choose from the wide range of other hit dishes and drinks on their menu made from natural ingredients.
  • The café Pho People is the best for when you want some classic Vietnamese street food. Their team of chefs from Vietnam cooks national street food from fresh ingredients right in front of you. Their menu has the traditional soup pho, nem rolls with minced pork and shrimp, as well as spring rolls with different stuffings. They have a lot of drinks, but the absolute hit is their mango shake.
  • You can eat Russian home cooking in a street food format at the café Teremok. Their signature dish is crêpes with different stuffings. They also have various hearty homemade-style dishes: porridges, soups, meat dishes, desserts and original drinks.
  • The Burger Bull burger shop cooks different burgers, hot dogs and starters for the guests of VDNH. They only use natural ingredients. On the menu of this mobile café, you will find desserts and hot and cold drinks at affordable prices.
  • There is also the kiosk Che in the food court. They have several types of cheburek for takeout: with meat, cheese or vegetables, even chebureks with sweet stuffings. All dishes are cooked in front of you and comply with the state standards of the 1960s to bring back that authentic taste of the past. The mobile café has got a wide choice of hot drinks and lemonades.
  • If you crave a beef or chicken shawarma with fresh vegetables and sauces, Shawarma House is your best choice. They also offer vegetarian shawarma and mini shawarma.
  • Te Samye Ponchiki (The Doughnuts We All Know) has got 'the' doughnuts from our childhood—sweet and soft, just like you remember them. Apart from doughnuts, they have drinks to wash them down.
  • If you want a hot dog or a burger, go to the street food café Dymov Hot Dog Grill. All dishes are grilled right in front of the patrons.
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