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Today from 10:00
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Your learning experience at VDNH begins immediately once you step through the Main Entrance Arch: here (a little to the right of the entrance) there is a structure with panoramic glazing that houses the information centre. Here you can find an interactive information board.

It is worth noting that the information board has an integrated digital map, allowing guests to plan their own route through the exhibition by selecting where they want to start and finish. The system will automatically generate the best route and display it on the screen with a red line. You can also get a bird's eye view of the entire exhibition here and take a virtual tour before going on a real one.

The option Play Excursion lets visitors enter a gamelike 3D space and begin their journey from the starting point of their tour. Visitors can take screenshots at any point during the virtual trip and send them to their email address.

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At the information centre, you can also buy magnets and badges with the VDNH symbol as mementos of your visit to the main exhibition of the country. English-speaking consultants are on call to help out foreign visitors.

You can also buy a printed map of VDNH here, learn about the thematic tours on offer at the moment, buy a ticket to any event currently being held at the exhibition and charge your mobile phone.

10:00 — 21:00
Касса закрывается в 20:30
Сервис аренды зарядок «Бери заряд»
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