Information Centre by Pavilion No. 55

Tomorrow from 10:00
About place

The VDNH Information Centre is housed in a building with floor-to-ceiling windows on Industry Square, near Pavilion No. 55.

An interactive information stand inside the centre will help you figure out your itinerary around VDNH. Indicate your starting point and destination, and the system will tell you how to get there. The optimal route will appear as a red line on the screen. You can also get a bird's eye view of VDNH and take a virtual stroll around the Exhibition before you embark on your physical tour.

When you select the option Play Excursion, you find yourself in a gamelike 3D space, where you can begin your tour from a starting point. Visitors can take screenshots at any point during the virtual trip and send them to their mailbox.

There is a phone charging station at the information centre. And free Wi-Fi so visitors can easily download the VDNH Guide app. There are pocket maps of VDNH and a selection of guidebooks available for those who prefer printed information. The VDNH Information Centre sees lots of foreign visitors; our professional assistants speak English.

10:00 — 21:00
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