Information Centre in Pavilion No 16, Hydrometeorology

Tomorrow from 10:00
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If you want to learn more about events at the Exhibition, buy tickets, plan a route or book an excursion, go to the information centre in Pavilion No 16, Hydrometeorology.

You can also charge your phone there. There is even free Wi-Fi so that you can easily download our app, Guide to VDNH. For people who prefer printed information, a pocket-sized map of the exhibition and a selection of guidebooks are available as well. Even if you don't know Russian, don't worry! Our professional assistants also speak English and are here to help you.

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Please note that at the interactive information stand you can build your own route around VDNH: just mark your start and finish points and the best route will be shown with a red line on the screen. Historical objects are also marked on the map with the number of the pavilion. Press Pause and then the sticker button to see the description page in a pop-up tab.

At any moment of your virtual trip, you can take a screenshot and send it to your email. Such screenshots are quite useful because you can save the map and use it as a reference during your walk or examine it in detail at home on a bigger screen.

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