Pavilion No. 75. EXPO

About place

The pavilion is temporarily closed.

The VDNH Pavilion No. 75 offers a broad range of multi-functional spaces for exhibitions, conventions and corporate events of any level and format. All of them are equipped with the latest utility and technical tools.

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The VDNH EXPO complex boasts a number of advantages, including a convenient location (a mere 10 minutes away from the VDNH Metro station), free parking, round-the-clock logistics services and venue access for event organisers as well as diverse accommodation options from different price categories within a short walking distance.

VDNH EXPO provides a full range of services: from organising exhibitions and business events to designing and assembling expo booths; from advertising and PR support to customs and transport and expediting services.

Pavilion No. 75 is regularly used for:

  • large-scale official events;
  • international exhibitions and conferences;
  • corporate events (with a capacity of up to 15,000 people);
  • entertainment events like concerts, shows and discos;
  • shooting films and advertisements.
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