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Fishing Village

Today till 23:00
About place

The restaurant is open to visitors.

On the shore of the trout river in the green zone of VDNH, you can find a real Fishing Village, with log cabins, wicker huts, gazebos, straw roofs, red tiles and the aromas of wood and fresh air.

The restaurant cooks trout, sturgeon, white sturgeon, sterlet and pike caught right here, in the river. They follow traditional Russian recipes. Guests have even got a chance to catch their own fish, and the chefs will cook it. The signature dish of the restaurant is real fisherman's soup made from fresh-caught fish. However, you can also try a suckling pig, roasted lamb on a spit, various pickled vegetables and desserts.

Enjoy a slow lunch or dinner in one of the many banquet houses or on board of a wooden ship on the river. The interiors of the guesthouses create an atmosphere of a good hunting and fishing trip.

During winter, the restaurant lays out cosy tents with gas lamps and a roof to protect you from the snow.

10:00 — 23:00
Payment by card
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