Loyalty programs
Friends of VDNH loyalty program
Rules of the Friends of VDNH loyalty program

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. the Friends of VDNH loyalty Program (the"Program") is a set of relationships between the program Organizer and Program Participants, as a result of which the Organizer and Program Partners grant privileges To Participants who made purchases using the participant's Personal data in accordance with the Program Rules. When paying for purchases at retail outlets of the Organizer and Program Partners, the purchase amount is automatically credited to The participant's Virtual card for further assignment of Privileges when paying for purchases at retail outlets of the Organizer and Program Partners.

1.2. the Program Organizer ("Organizer") Is VDNH joint – Stock company, located at 119 Prospekt Mira, building 230, Moscow, which has exclusive rights to manage, maintain and develop the Program, ensuring that program Participants are granted the Privileges provided for in the Program Rules.

1.3. loyalty Program Partners (Partners)– organizations (legal entities) that have one or more retail outlets on the territory of the Organizer and have concluded a partnership Agreement with the Organizer in the Program. An up-to-date list of Partners, as well as their privileges and rules for granting Them, is posted in the Organizer's Information centers, on the Organizer's Website, and in the Program Partners ' retail outlets.

1.4. Participant –an individual who is the owner of a Savings card, who at the time of registration in the Program was 18 years old, who confirmed his / her voluntary consent to participate in the Program by registering the Questionnaire data.

1.5. Storage card – the virtual card, with a QR code or NFC tag containing information about savings account and other data of the Questionnaire of the Participant serving to identify the Participant in the Program, authorization of the Member when payment is received and activated by the Participant in accordance with these Regulations, allow the Participant to enroll and accumulate the total purchases and receive rewards in accordance with these Rules.

1.6. Promotion – a marketing event initiated by the Organizer or partners of the Program, limited by the period, geography, circle of persons, etc., within which Participants are granted additional Privileges.

1.7. Privilege – the discount amount in percentage terms, which reduces the selling price of goods or services sold to the Program Participant.

1.8. Application form – a registration form that, when filled out and signed by an individual on paper, is a statement of such person's intention to become a member of the Program and confirms the Participant's consent to all the rules of the Program. Filling out the Questionnaire is a voluntary transfer of personal data by an individual to the Organizer.

1.9. Notification – information, including advertising, transmitted to the Participant using the contact information specified during registration in the Questionnaire.

1.10. Participant's Personal account ("Personal account") – the Participant's personal page at http: / / lk.moipass.ru, which contains information about the Participant, the balance of the Savings card, Transactions made by the Participant using the Savings card, as well as personal Promotions and Discounts.

1.11. Program Website – the official website of the Program Organizer, located on the Internet at: www.vdnh.ru.

1.12. Transactions – operations performed by the Participant using a Savings card, which, in accordance with the Rules, are the basis for crediting the purchase amount to The participant's Savings card.

1.13. Personal data – any information related directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable individual (subject of personal data).

1.14. Information center – a service that provides information about products, promotions, location, events, sightseeing routes, transport, shopping, entertainment on the territory of the Organizer.

2. General provisions

2.1. These Terms and conditions define the conditions and procedure for participation in the Program.

2.2. the Program is valid on the Organizer's territory, on the Organizer's Website, and at the Program Partners ' retail outlets located on the Organizer's territory.

2.3. The program operates since its launch indefinitely until suspension or termination by decision of the Organizer. The organizer reserves the right to suspend, change or terminate the Program at any time and post relevant information at the Organizer's points of sale, on the Organizer's Website, or at the points of sale of the Program's Partners ' services 30 (Thirty) days before the Program is suspended, modified, or terminated. The program is not a promotional event, lottery or other risk-based game, and no prizes are awarded under this Program.

2.4. Participants can receive Privileges within the Program.

3. rules for participation in the Program

3.1. to participate in the Program, the Participant must have a Savings card.

3.2. the Savings card can be opened and activated in the Organizer's Information center or on the Organizer's Website when making a purchase.

3.3. the Accumulative card is Activated automatically after:

- Fill out the Questionnaire on the Organizer's Website. In this case, the Savings card is activated immediately after the registration is confirmed by the Participant.

- Filling out the Questionnaire on paper in the Organizer's Information center. The Information center employee enters the information from the Questionnaire into the database in the presence of the Participant. Using a code from an SMS message to the number specified in the Questionnaire, confirms the Participant's phone number in the database and issues a Savings card.

4. Rules for the use of savings cards

4.1. the purchase amount is Credited to the Savings card for paying for purchases at the Organizer's retail outlets, on the Organizer's Website, and at the Program Partners ' retail outlets.

4.2.when making a purchase, in order to transfer the purchase amount to the Savings card, the Participant must present the phone number or other details of the Participant's Questionnaire. The purchase amount is credited to the Savings card when you pay for purchases on the day of purchase. The organizer is not responsible for crediting the purchase amount if the Participant did not present one of the listed IDs in advance, before issuing the cash receipt.

4.3. The amount of the purchase cannot be credited to the storage card when paying for purchases using other loyalty programs at the same time in check. When paying for purchases, the Participant voluntarily chooses whether to use discounts provided under other loyalty programs and promotions.

4.4. when returning a service purchased using a Savings card, only the part of the cost of the product or service that was paid for is returned to the Participant in cash.

4.5. the Organizer has the right to unilaterally debit The participant's Savings card in the following cases:

- incorrect crediting of the purchase amount;

- refund of purchases for which the purchase amount was credited to the Savings card;

– in case of termination of the Participant's participation in the Program;

- crediting the purchase amount as a result of unfair use of the Savings card.

4.6. For one individual can have only one storage card. If several Accumulative cards issued for one Participant are identified, the Program Organizer has the right to block all the Participant's Accumulative cards, except for the original Accumulative card issued earlier than the others, with the cancellation of accumulated purchases. The program organizer has the right to refuse to register an individual in the Program if it detects a valid registration in the Program for this individual.

4.7. Identification of the Participant is performed according to the personal data specified in the Questionnaire. To access the Program's personal account on the Website, the User's phone number is used to identify the participant in the Program.

4.8. the Program Participant can check the balance of the Savings card as follows:

– in your personal account at http: / / lk.moipass.ru on the site www.vdnh.ru;

– at the checkout when making a purchase.

4.9. if there are doubts about the legality of operations carried out on the Savings card, the Organizer reserves the right to block the Savings card until the circumstances are clarified. The participant can independently block the Savings card either in the Personal account on the Organizer's Website, or by sending a corresponding application to the Information center. To block the Savings card, you must provide the following information specified by them when filling out the Questionnaire:

Name as specified in the Questionnaire;

Date of birth;

Phone number specified in the questionnaire;

Email address.

4.10. You can restore a Savings card with the same Privileges if the following conditions are met:

– if the Participant's personal data is available in the system;

- name as specified in the application Form;

– date of birth;

– phone number specified in the questionnaire.

In exchange for a completed Application, the Participant receives a new Savings card according to the type of lost Savings card. If the application Was not filled in or was filled out incorrectly, you cannot restore the Savings card.

The organizer is not responsible for the delay in restoring the Savings card if there is no application From the Participant.

4.11. In the event of withdrawal of a Participant from the Programme storage card is locked, and the accumulated amount will be void. At the same time, the Participant does not have the right to demand any compensation from the Organizer, including in monetary form.

5. Privileges

5.1. The status of "Basic" is elementary, in which 5% discount is available to all new Members during the whole period of the Program if they desire to open a savings card and fill their application form in the Information centers of the Organizer on the Organizer's Website.

5.2. the "Silver" Status, for which the participant is granted a discount of up to 10%, is granted automatically when the amount of purchases made at the Organizer's retail outlets, on the Organizer's Website and the Program Partners is accumulated in the amount of more than 10,000 rubles;

5.3. the "Gold" Status, for which the participant is granted a discount of up to 20%, is granted automatically when the amount of purchases made at the Organizer's retail outlets, on the Organizer's Website and the Program Partners is accumulated in the amount of more than 30,000 rubles.

5.4. The validity of the savings card – unlimited.

5.5. Discount at all levels cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts and does not apply to discounted rates.

6. use of the Participant's personal data.

6.1. the Program Participant, by filling out The registration form on the Organizer's Website Or a hard copy Form, expresses to the program Organizer and the Partner their consent to the use of their personal data for the purposes of participation in the Program.

6.2. The fact of receiving the Participant's consent to the processing of personal data is the Questionnaire and mark in the graph of familiarization with these Rules (on the Website) and/or a personal signature of the Participant in the questionnaire on paper (Appendix №1 to the Rules of the loyalty program). The Program Rules can be found in the Organizer's Information centers and retail outlets, on the Organizer's Website, or in the Program Partners ' retail outlets. Failure to provide consent to the processing of personal data by the Participant is a refusal to participate in the Program.

6.3. the purpose of processing the Participant's Personal data by the Organizer is the proper fulfillment by the Organizer and Partners of their obligations under the legislation of the Russian Federation and these Rules, ensuring participation in the Program and providing information services to the Participant, including through the formation of personal offers for the sale of goods (works, services, results of intellectual activity).

6.4. the Participant agrees that the processing of his / her Personal data may be carried out by any means permitted by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, including, but not limited to: collection; systematization; accumulation; storage; clarification (updating, modification); use; distribution (including transmission); depersonalization; blocking; destruction, as well as any other actions with personal data in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.5. if the Participant has provided Personal data of third parties, the Participant is responsible for informing the third party about the use of this data and for obtaining the appropriate consent.

6.6. data Processing can be carried out both with the use of automation tools and without their use (for non-automated processing).

6.7. the Participant acknowledges and confirms that, if necessary, the Organizer has the right to submit personal data to achieve the above goals to third parties, as well as to Program Partners and employees of the Organizer/program partner. Such third parties have the right to process personal data on the basis of this consent.

6.8. in case of changes to their Personal data, the Participant must provide the Organizer with updated information. If the Participant fails to comply with this requirement, the Organizer is not responsible for the adverse consequences associated with the use of outdated data of the Program Participant

6.9. the Participant's Consent to the processing of their personal data is valid until the Participant revokes it or until the Program is terminated. The participant has the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time by calling the hotline +7(495)544-34-00 or leaving their request at the email address info@vdnh.ru, or by changing the data in your Personal account on the Organizer's Website. In case of withdrawal of consent by the Participant, the Organizer shall terminate the processing of personal data of the Participant within a period not exceeding 30 (Thirty) days from the date of receipt of the revocation; the personal data shall be destroyed by the Organizer after the deadline specified in the legislation of the Russian Federation for storage. During the period specified in this paragraph, the participant has the opportunity to use the Privileges available to Him. At the end of the specified period, the member's Savings card will be canceled.

6.10. by Accepting the terms of the Program, registering in the Program, including during Activation, as well as using the Accumulative card in the future, the Participant in accordance with article 18 of Federal law No. 38-FZ of 13.03.2006 "on advertising", art. 44.1 of Federal law No. 126-FZ of 07.07.2003 "on communications" expresses its consent to receive from the Organizer or on behalf of third parties advertising information distributed over telecommunication networks, including through the use of telephone, Fax, mobile radiotelephone communication, e-mail, the Internet, to receive on behalf of the Organizer mailing on the mobile radiotelephone network by sending short text messages (messages consisting of letters and (or) characters typed in a certain sequence), including advertising mailings. For the purposes stipulated in this paragraph, the Organizer and Partners have the right to send letters, messages and materials to the participant's e-mail, as well as send SMS messages, make calls to the phone number specified in the Questionnaire.

7. Other conditions

7.1.the Participant is Responsible for the safety of the Savings card, as well as for the access of third parties to the Personal account due to the fault or negligence of the Participant. The organizer is not responsible for unauthorized use of the Savings card and the Participant's Personal account by third parties.

7.2. the Organizer has the right to suspend and cancel the Accumulative card unilaterally in cases of unfair use of the Accumulative card by the Program Participant, including when the Participant provides false registration data.

7.3. the Participant undertakes to independently track the information about his / her Savings card contained in the Personal account.

7.4. the Organizer has the right to temporarily suspend operations on the Accumulative card for technical reasons (failure or failure of communication channels, power outages, as well as in other cases of technical and (or) technological failure of equipment and (or) software).

7.5. the Organizer has the right to perform preventive maintenance in the software and hardware complex with temporary suspension of the Organizer's Website. In the event of force majeure, as well as accidents or failures in the software and hardware complexes of third parties cooperating with the Organizer, or actions (inaction) of third parties aimed at suspending or terminating the functioning of the Organizer's Website, the Organizer's Website may be suspended without any notification to the Participant and compensation for any kind of losses.

7.6. The liability of the Organiser before the Participant for violation of these Rules in the case of any claim related to the accrual of the purchase amount to a Cumulative membership card, limited to charge/restore the proper purchase amount to a Cumulative map of this Party.

7.7. Posting these Rules on the Organizer's Website is considered to be a proper notification of Participants about their content and changes. The participant is obliged to familiarize themselves with all changes to the Rules and maintain their awareness of the current rules of the Program. The participant guarantees that all the conditions of this Program are clear to them and they accept them in full without any exceptions or reservations.

7.8. All disputes between the Organizer and the Participant shall be resolved through negotiations

7.9. if a dispute that has arisen between the Organizer and the Participant cannot be settled during negotiations, it is resolved in accordance with the procedure provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
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