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Pavilion Pavilion No. 68 The exhibition and trade centre of the Republic of Armenia Today till 19:00 Pavilion Pavilion No. 57. Russia Is My History Today till 20:00
Pavilion Pavilion No. 10. The exhibition and trade centre of the Republic of Moldova Today till 20:00 Pavilion Book Pavilion. Building 516 Today till 22:00 Pavilion Pavilion No. 47. House of Crafts Today till 22:00 Pavilion BIGWALLSPORT. Climbing Centre. Pavilion No. 22 Fruit and Vegetable Gardening (former Grape Growing and Gardening) Today till 22:00 Pavilion Pavilion No. 71 Public Services Palace (MFC) Today till 22:00 Pavilion Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion Arch Main Entrance Arch Pavilion Chess Club Pavilion Pavilion No. 11. The exhibition and trade centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan Pavilion Pavilion No. 51. Meat Industry Pavilion Pavilion No. 66 Exhibition and Culture Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan Pavilion Pavilion No. 61. Tsentrosoyuz Pavilion Pavilion No. 31. K. A. Timiryazev Museum Fountain The dry fountain by Pavilion No. 31, Geology (formerly Linen and Other Textile Crops) Fountain The dry fountain by the Moskvarium Fountain The Golden Ear fountain Fountain The Boy with a Fish fountain Fountain The 14 fountains on the Central Alley Monument Memorial to the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition Workers Who Died on the Fronts of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945. Monument Monument to I. V. Michurin Monument Monument to V.I. Lenin Pavilion Leto (Summer) Café. Building 518 Pavilion Zolotoy Kolos (Golden Spike). Building 284 Pavilion Building No. 515 Fountain Friendship of Peoples Fountain Fountain Stone Flower Fountain Arch Southern Entrance Arch Pavilion Wedding Palace. Building 421 Tomorrow from 09:00 Pavilion Neft Interactive Training Centre Pavilion No. 25 Oil Tomorrow from 10:00
Pavilion The Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre. Pavilion No. 34 Space Tomorrow from 11:00 Pavilion The 'Slovo' Centre of Slavic Writing. Pavilion No. 58, Agriculture (former pavilion of the Ukrainian SSR) Tomorrow from 11:00
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