Уважаемые гости, с 22 января музеи ВДНХ снова открыты для посещения. Подробнее


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Cafe Svadba Soyek (Jaybird's Wedding) Café. Building 550 Today from 11:00 Fastfood Food Court Between Pavilions No. 64 and No. 66 Today from 11:00 Cafe Tsekh 46 Café Today from 10:00 Cafe Pavilion No. 39. Café Fountain VIEW Today from 12:00 Fastfood Food Street on the Central Alley Today from 11:00 Cafe Urozhay (Harvest) Café Open in 53 min Cafe Ribs & Wings Café Today from 10:00 Fastfood Food court Tomorrow from 11:00 Cafe Lucky Souvlaki Café Tomorrow from 11:00 Restaurant Varezhka Restaurant Tomorrow from 11:00 Cafe Christmas Cider Bar At friday, 11:00 Cafe Coffee Kaldi's Bar At friday, 11:00 Cafe Meteor Café Tomorrow from 11:00 Cafe Black Coffee Bar At friday, 11:00 Restaurant The All Lazy restaurant Today from 14:00 Cafe ROSIZO Café Today from 10:00 Cafe VM Café Today from 10:00 Cafe Bulbyanaya Today from 10:00 Fastfood Pyan-Se Korean Street Food Today from 11:00 Cafe Coffee Laboratory Smart Coffee Today from 10:00 Cafe Shokoladnitsa Coffee Shop Today from 10:00 Cafe Ice Cream Laboratory Building 417 Tomorrow from 10:00 Cafe Baskin-Robbins. Building 575 Today from 10:00 Restaurant Fishing Village Today from 10:00 Cafe Osteria Trio Today from 10:00 Restaurant Ararat Today from 11:00 Cafe Pirogi (Pies) Café. Building 467 Today from 10:00 Cafe Russky Chai (Russian Tea) Café. Building 7A/18 Today from 11:00 Fastfood McDonalds. Building 547 Today till 23:30 Restaurant Ottepel. Building 311 Today from 12:00 Cafe AnderSon na Dache Café. Building 136 Today from 10:00 Restaurant Moskovskoye Nebo (Moscow Sky). Building 422 Tomorrow from 12:00 Restaurant City Farm Restaurant Tomorrow from 11:00 Cafe Black Coffee Today from 11:00
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