Ksenia Peretrukhina. The Spectator's Theatre

Ksenia Peretrukhina creates a space-laboratory in which everyone becomes an actor, can play a role, conduct an experiment both on oneself and the surrounding world. On the territory of the VDNH Central Alley there will be several interactive facilities — theatrical auditoriums with different arrangements. They will become a field for creative experiments.

The model of the theatre lets a person go beyond what is permissible, to try oneself in a new capacity, to be somebody else or, on the contrary, to reveal oneself. On an improvised stage, everyone is free to choose his/her role, decide whether to wear a mask or open oneself to people and the world. Ksenia Peretrukhina's project lets every festival guest make his/her own choice. And everyone, finding oneself in this or that hall, can feel how diverse the modern theatre is and how this diversity can be used to change the surrounding reality.

Standing on the platform of the Total Theatre near the People’s Friendship fountain, one can observe the life of the city, feel its flow and oneself in it, capture the "here and now" moment, which is so rare in the whirl of affairs and events. An analogy with Hamlet would be appropriate here: a person is offered the role of a reflexive hero, who tries to establish a single point which can unify various times. In the Horizontal Theatre near the Stone Flower fountain, there will be randomly arranged chairs, each with brief instructions motivating guests to start creatively exploring the space. Every spectator here will be both an observer and an object of observation. From this story, sudden and spontaneous performances can be born from the internal impulse of the participants. Inside the architectural group of the People’s Friendship fountain, there will be a Pocket Theatre in which people can study the contents of their pockets and come up with a mini-play with these objects and the Theatre of One Spectator: there it will be possible to perform with a song, confess your love or do a solo performance.

VENUE: the Central Alley
DATE: 20 July – 5 August 2018.
HOURS: 24/7