The VDNH Green Theatre. A Stage on the Water

The VDNH Green Theatre. A Stage on the Water — the new concept site of a unique, open-air stage complex. The stage opened its season on 29 June, and will run until 10 September. The stage complex, second to none in Russia's capital, was built right on the water of the Garden Pond in Ostankino Park, and has since become the main attraction in one of Moscow's largest and most well-equipped parks.

The auditorium of 747 seats and stage are situated on two separate pontoon support structures connecting the eastern and western shores of the Garden Pond. According to the design, a passage for boats separates the auditorium and stage. The audience assembly area, called the Green Foyer, includes a food court and restroom facilities.

Each week, the programme offers events of varied genres and styles.

The music programme features open-air opera, performances by the top names in modern Western classical music, and a series of summer concerts of contemporary artists. The theatrical part of the programme includes plays and contemporary ballet performances. Every Sunday afternoon, a brass band festival is held, with free admission for park visitors.

On Moscow City Day, visitors can enjoy a special holiday concert programme absolutely free.