Multimedium Historical Park “Russia – my history”

Historical park “Russia – my History” is open every day except Monday from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. in the pavilion #57. Three multimedia expositions are devoted to 1000-year period of the Rurik and Romanov dynasties reign and also "The XX century. From Great Upheaval to a Great Victory. 1917-1945".

Multimedia exposition “Russia – my history” occupies the area of 22 000 square meters and is located on the two levels of the pavilion #57. It includes several cycles of the Russian history. 

The Rurik dynasty

The first section tells about the formation of the Russian state system, the seven centuries of Russia and the history of reign of one of the oldest in Europe dynasties Rurik. 

The Romanov dynasty

The second section is devoted to Romanov dynasty. It shows all the vicissitudes of history that Russia passed through during the 300 years of reign of this royal family. 

"The XX century. From the Great Upheaval to a Great Victory. 1917-1945"

The third section contains the most important events of the XX century: the participation of the Russian Empire in the First World War, the events of the Civil War, periods of collectivization and industrialization, as well as the victory and losses of the Russian people in the Second World War.

In 2017 the exhibition will add new multimedia exhibits telling about the life in Russia from 1945 till 2000. Every thematic section will present rare historical documents from the archives of the Russian Federation. Some of them used be classified as “Secret” and was out of public access.

In the cinema halls the visitors can watch short documentaries about the key events in the history of Russia – from the Christianization of Kievskaya Rus' to the creation of the one of the strongest empires in the world.  


PLACE: pavilion #57

MON – day-off

TUE – SUN  from  10:00 am 20:45  (boxing office till 20:00)

PARTNERS:  All the expositions are prepared by the Patriarchal Council for Culture with the support of the Government of Moscow 
Sponsor — PJSC “MMC “Norilskiy nickel” 
General media partner of the project — ITAR-TASS 

Media partner — КudаGo

Entrance ticket for any 2 out od 3 available exhibitions 
  • Adult ticket 500 Rub
  • Child ticket 300 Rub
Audioguide rental 
  • Adult ticket 150 Rub
  • Child ticket 100 Rub
Deposit the audioguide   2000 Rub
Tour support at 1 exhibition (entrance ticket is included) 
  • Adult ticket 450 Rub
  • Child ticket 200 Rub
Tour support at the second exhibition 
  • Adult ticket 300 Rub
  • Child ticket 100 Rub
every day, except for Monday
Daily except Monday
From 10:00 to 20:45