Library of Crafts at VDNH

The Library of Crafts, the new intellectual space, opened in the lecture hall of the House of Crafts at VDNH (Pavilion No. 47). Its book stock includes more than 1,500 specialised books and magazines. There are also free handicraft master classes and lectures held at the site. The project was created by VDNH in collaboration with libraries of the North-Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow.

The reading room at the Library of Crafts features literature on various types of craftsmanship: from pottery to calligraphy and fashion design. It includes albums and magazines, unique books on painting, architecture and fashion of the past. On the shelves, one can find pre-revolutionary publications about the crafts and cultural traditions of Russia.

Instead of the usual tables and chairs, the reading room with free Wi-Fi has a cosy sofa and handmade furniture. There is also a video projector and a pickup point for books.

Visitors will be able to consult a specialist on selecting literature, enroll in any library of NEAO (North-Eastern Administrative Okrug) of Moscow and check out any book they like. If the publication is not currently available, you can request to order it.

TIME: Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 8:00 p.m., closed on Monday.
VENUE: Lecture Hall of the House of Crafts (Pavilion No. 47).
PRICE: free.
ORGANISER: JSC VDNH, Culture State Budgetary Institution of Moscow: Centralised Library System of NEAO.