Gardens and People at VDNH Festival

From 16 to 26 August 2018, the 5th Moscow International Festival of Landscape Art, Horticulture and Plant Nurseries, Gardens and People at VDNH, will be held at the country's Main Exhibition. Daily guided tours with famous designers and landscapers, an exhibition of collections of perennials, the Green Lectorium and an entertainment programme are being held for visitors over the summer holiday.

The theme of this year's festival competition is Playing in the Garden. About a hundred projects from landscape designers across Russia and other countries have taken part in the contest, and the best designs will be implemented at VDNH. A total of about thirty exhibition gardens will be showcased at the festival. Winners in four categories — Big Garden, Small Garden, Landscape Art Object and Beginner's Garden — will be determined by an international jury led by the famous British garden designer Andy Sturgeon.

Free guided tours conducted by professional designers will be held at the festival site every two hours. Evening walks will offer an unusual experience, as at nightfall all gardens will be illuminated. In addition to the exhibition of gardens, the organisers have prepared many interesting ideas for visitors. Special focus will be devoted to the theme of water: visitors over the summer holiday will be able to enjoy fun fountain-crackers and a pond with exotic plants.

The traditional festival project, Green Lectorium, will feature a series of lectures for professional and amateur gardeners, where guest stars of landscape art will share their experience in garden design and development. At the Garden in the City section, you can hear about vertical gardening and modern methods of growing vegetables on the balcony and in an urban yard. Participants of the Bouquet Boom project will be presented with unusual ideas from master florists. Here, you will be able to buy original sets made of vegetables and fruit, and also try to make a gastronomic bouquet yourself. The Flower Palette exhibition, which will showcase the most interesting collections of perennials from Russian plant breeders, will open at the festival for the first time.

A daily entertainment programme is available for the youngest guests: the Garden in the Bowl master class, creative contests and quizzes. Additionally, guests will be able to buy garden tools, designer clothes for work in the garden, and new varieties of plants from the best nurseries in Russia.

VENUE: VDNH, open area of the VDNH EXPO between the North-1 and North-3 entrances.
WHEN: 16–26 August from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
ADMISSION: 500 roubles.
ORGANISERS: Gardens and People LLC and JSC VDNH with the support of the Association of Planting Material Producers and Moscow Landscape Club.