24 august

3D magnets with legendary VDNH pavilions

The Main Exhibition of the Country presents original 3D magnets depicting the revived historical pavilions and other iconic places of VDNH. The first "pavilions" of the series: "Central", "Glavtabak", "Culture", "Space", as well as a magnet with the arch of the Main Entrance went on sale 24 August in a souvenir shop on the Central Alley. In September, the collection will be expanded with magnets with images of other pavilions and the Friendship of Peoples Fountain.

New VDNH souvenirs are made exclusively of natural materials — paper, wood, and metal with a protective coating: products are carved from a wood base with an ultra-precise laser. The three-layer structure gives the 3D magnets volume, and high-quality printing provides the highest level of detailization. Each magnet is assembled by hand and is packaged in a colourful individual package.

A young company is responsible for developing these magnets for the Main Exhibition of the Country — Souveniromania, formed in 2015 by travel enthusiasts who decided to bring the quality of souvenirs in the EU to a new level. The company's portfolio includes the official 3D magnets of Rome, Milan and Venice; VDNH is its first Russian client.

The Main Exhibition of the Country is not only a commercial project for the founders of Souveniromania, but it is also deeply personal. The company's art director, Alexander Vaysfeld, connects his life to his love for VDNH:

"It is an honour to be a partner in the production of a series of souvenirs with pavilions from the revived VDNH park. In childhood, the territory of the Exhibition was one of my favourite places. My father brought me there on big holidays. I could spend hours walking along the alleys, climbing up all sorts of vehicles on the territory. We took up the development of the series with great enthusiasm, carefully studying the historical and cultural background of the park."

You can also purchase other souvenir products right now at VDNH — elegant umbrella-canes, scarves, hats, baseball caps, raincoats and textile bags made in the original style of the Exhibition. Original images of the Exhibition are also available on smartphone cases, fashionable stickers, ceramics and thermal mugs.

Customers are also offered guidebooks on VDNH and Moscow and books on Russian and Soviet culture and art.

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