Exhibits at Soyuzmultpark Multimedia Centre

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Soyuzmultpark is Russia's only multimedia centre of its kind, combining amusement and education. It is a unique site where children and adults alike get the chance to revisit the world of their favourite cartoon characters, revivify them, learn new skills and discover their talents.

Here are the 18 exciting interactive features awaiting visitors, designed with the digital technology of VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), 3D Animation, Autonomous Development and Unlimited Graphic Object Generation:

  • Journey Inside the Animated Cartoon;
  • Me and the Cartoon Characters;
  • The Land of Disobedient Paints;
  • Stereo Mirrors;
  • Virtual Artist;
  • In Search of the Missing Characters;
  • Revivify the Cartoon Characters;
  • Bowls;
  • Magic Sounds;
  • Dome Cinema;
  • Flight 360;
  • Winnie-the-Pooh's World Map;
  • Vovka in the Tridevyatoye Kingdom;
  • Roaming the Roofs with Carlson;
  • A Room with Flashlight in Hand;
  • Visiting Cartoon Characters in Their Homes;
  • A Home for Cheburashka;
  • Soyuzmultfilm. Timeline Museum

Young visitors get to watch cartoons in the Dome Cinema, create their own virtual cartoon characters and explore the fantastic worlds created by the film studio in different years. Some of the things they can do when visitors themselves become characters in their favourite animated cartoon stories are help Alisa from The Mystery of the Third Planet fight off the robots, or help Hedgehog, who is lost in the woods, find Bear Cub.

10:00 — 21:00
Вход в мультимедийный центр по сеансам, каждые 30 минут
до 19:00
Tickets price

Tickets are available at the Centre's ticket offices.

Children (age 3 or older)
from RUB 1,050
RUB 1,050 weekdays, RUB 1,550 weekends Admission is free for children under 3.
Adults (age 17 or older)
from RUB 550
RUB 550 weekdays, RUB 650 weekends
Some categories of visitors are entitled to discounts.
119 Mira Avenue, Pavilion No. 7
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