Pavilion No. 7 Soyuzmultpark

Tomorrow from 10:00
About place

Soyuzmultpark is Russia's only multimedia theme park for children and adults where visitors get to revisit the world of their favourite cartoon characters, animate them, learn new skills and find an outlet for their talents.

Visitors are in line for 18 interactive amusement facilities employing cutting-edge digital technology such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), 3D animation and infinite autonomous generation of graphic objects. The park also offers lectures, exhibitions and workshops in cartoon animation.

Year built, architect

Designed by Giprotorg Institute. Built in 1978. Architects: Zoya Arzamasova, Tatyana Petrova. Engineer: D. Zemtsev.

Name changes

From 1978: Seeds.

Current state

The pavilion houses the Soyuzmultfilm Studios multimedia theme park dedicated to iconic Soviet and Russian animation films and cartoons.

10:00 — 21:00
Вход по сеансам каждые 30 минут
до 19:00
Сервис аренды зарядок «Бери заряд»

Historical Background

The flowers, fruit and vegetables showcased at VDNH set the benchmarks for Soviet agriculture. The many varieties of fruit, berry, vegetable, gourd and flower seedlings on show at VDNH were the stuff of dreams for professional and amateur gardeners alike. Seeds was the name of the pavilion and shop built precisely for that cohort of visitors near Yablonevaya Alley, by the Khovansky VDNH gate in 1978.

The pavilion's designers aimed for the harmony of nature and architecture, and the harmony was there especially in the spring when the building's light-coloured façade looked really good amid the blossoming apple trees. The sprawling gardening exposition was supplemented by a pool with water plants and fancy fish.

In line with its specialisation, the pavilion required various heating, air conditioning, water conditioning and light control technology for the correct storage of potted and cut flowers, bulbs and seeds. The pavilion's creators coped magnificently with these tasks.

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