Active Citizen polls Muscovites to select best activities for VDNH's Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre

21 october 2021

The Active Citizen public voting platform has launched a poll to select the top preferred activity options for the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre at VDNH. Muscovites are asked to vote for one activity option out of six, or suggest their own idea. The poll results will be heeded when the Centre plans its activity programme going forward.

Muscovites are asked a number of questions, like what their favourite thing to do is when they visit the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre. The answer options are: independent enjoyment of exhibits, watching films or animated cartoons, attending guided tours, Space Lessons or concerts. Alternatively, respondents can give their own answers.

Respondents are also asked to select their favourite lecture topics at the Centre. Some answer options are: history of Soviet/Russian astronautics, contemporary astronautics, Soviet/Russian space heroes, world astronautics, spacecraft, astronautics for children or your own answer.

Residents of Moscow are furthermore asked to share their opinion as to which edutainment event formats for children should be developed and augmented by the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre as a matter of priority. The answer options are: educational lectures, edutainment quest games, Space Lessons project, video blogs and video tours, themed tours, birthday celebrations or your own answer.

Any person can vote.

VDNH's Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre marked three years since its appointment on 12 April 2021. The Centre opened in the revamped historic Pavilion No. 34 Cosmos on 12 April 2018. On top of being unique both in scale and content, it is Russia's largest space museum with a total floor area of over 15,000 sq. m.

The centre showcases historical items, including the originals or full-size replicas of spacecraft, spacesuits and satellites, and boasts state-of-the-art multimedia areas. For the enjoyment of the youngest visitors, the experience of space exploration has been gamified.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's maiden space flight, this year the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre has prepared something special for its visitors. The exposition has seen two new additions: Gagarin's Capsule and the Space Construction Set. The capsule is an interactive multimedia exhibit. The other new arrival is a play area that looks like a construction set with multiple component pieces. These are fitted with magnets inside for joining together. Using the pieces, one can build various space machinery, like a lunar rover, a space station or a replica of the Buran spaceplane.

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