Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Alexander Gudkov, Nikolai Fomenko, Mikhail Kozyrev, Oleg Nesterov and Alex Dubas have recorded their voices for the audio guide of the Moskvitch Dream exhibition.

22 october 2021

The Moscow Transport Museum now offers an audio tour of the Moskvitch Dream exhibition, currently on show in the Soviet Transport Pavilion at VDNH. The audio guide is available free of charge via the app or a streaming service.

The milestone chapters from the history of the iconic Soviet automobile make and the Moskvitch Plant are narrated in the voices of: theatre and film actress, TV hostess Ingeborga Dapkunaite, TV host, entertainer, screenwriter and actor Alexander Gudkov, Merited Artist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Fomenko, journalist, musical critic, TV and radio host Mikhail Kozyrev, musician, poet and composer Oleg Nesterov and radio host and entertainer Alex Dubas.

Every chapter of the audio tour, which covers all exhibit rooms, is narrated in a new recognisable voice. Ingeborga Dapkunaite relates the history of the Soviet Transport Pavilion itself and of Irina Korina's art installation Horn of Plenty that welcomes visitors to the exhibition.

The part that falls to TV host, entertainer, screenwriter and actor Alexander Gudkov tells about the first Moskvitch appearances in Soviet films, and the automotive brand's foremost celebrity vehicles. Gudkov's part of the audio tour covers the main exhibition room where visitors find themselves inside reconstructed stills from the films Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, Watch Out, Grandma!, Four Hearts, The Diamond Arm and The Green Flame.

Actor, sports commentator and Master of Sports in motor racing Nikolai Fomenko and his voice come to the rescue when it's time to tell exhibition visitors about Moskvitch's performance in long-distance rallies. His part of the narrative relates the story of how the earliest Moskvitch race cars were prepared, who the first racers were that represented the Soviet Union at international competitions, and explains the details of the routes shown in the Rallying room.

Writer, TV and radio host and entertainer Alex Dubas chimes in to cover the most futuristic-feeling room of the show, named Prototypes. It's Alex's voice when you hear about the earliest Soviet minivan Arbat, the eco-mobiles Istra and Yowza and the brand's collaboration with celebrity industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

The story of the last Moskvitch model is told by journalist, musical critic, producer, TV and radio host Mikhail Kozyrev, who juxtaposes the decline of the legendary automotive brand with a certain milestone in Russian rock music. The voice of Oleg Nesterov, frontman of the band Megapolis, comes in to guide the tour around the 'heart' of the exhibition, the Plant History Room. Here, every visitor gets the opportunity to feel like a researcher when they mine the card file for blueprints, photos and books associated with the history of the Kim/MZMA/AZLK/AO Moskvitch Plant, especially if they feel as passionately about this evidence as the factory's employees did who have left behind a valuable design and engineering legacy.

Visit the museum's official website to purchase tickets for this show. Ticket prices: RUB 400 standard price, RUB 250 discount price, RUB 900 family deal (2 adults, 2 kids aged 7 to 16). The ticket covers the temporary exhibit Detroit in the Swamp, as well as the Moskvitch Dream exhibition.

Visitors can take advantage of the free shuttle service from VDNH Metro Station to the Moskvarium parking facility—it's a 15-to-20-minute ride.

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