Exhibition dedicated to Alexander Andronov, creator of Moskvitch cars, opens at the Museum of Moscow Transport

5 november 2021

On 2 November, the Museum of Moscow Transport located in Pavilion No. 26 opened a new temporary exhibition, A. F. Andronov: Thoughts on Work, as part of the Moskvitch Dream exhibition. The exhibition is dedicated to the main stages of Alexander Andronov's life journey, the personality and the legacy of the creator of Moskvitch cars.

The exposition consists of four sections. Section one, The Beginning, talks about Andronov's childhood, family and how he got acquainted with the world of automobiles. Section two, Automobile Institute and Car Rallies, is dedicated to Andronov's studies at the vocational school and his first works as an automotive designer. The Next to Art section focuses on Alexander's creative talents and his passion for visual arts. The last part of the exposition, Thoughts on Work, is about Andronov's last years and his memoirs.

A part of the exposition is dedicated to Andronov's work at the legendary Moscow Small Car Factory (MZMA AZLK). Visitors will get to see the designer's personal belongings, drawings, an original drawing board, car sketches and a mock-up of a ZIS 42M—a Soviet World War II half-track.

The exhibition is located in the area of temporary expositions in the USSR Transport Pavilion and will be open for three months. It complements the theme of the main exposition, Moskvitch Dream, and is located in the plant history room which also talks a lot about Andronov's work.

Before the end of the Moskvitch Dream exhibition, the Museum of Moscow Transport will present two more temporary expositions, AZLK Museum: People and History and The Factory's Last Years.

Museum visitors will be required to present a QR code at the entrance, confirming vaccination against COVID-19, a negative PCR test or a recent recovery. Visit the museum's website to purchase tickets for the exhibition.

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