Just Ride: New Summer Transport Season at VDNH

27 april 2021

Vehicle rental services are becoming more and more popular among VDNH visitors with the onset of the spring season. VDNH has opened four bicycle and scooter rental offices. An additional 24 electric scooter stands and five electric bike rental stations will be launched in May. The visitors can also use eco-taxi services.

VDNH has 27 round-the-clock parking stations where you can rent modern electric scooters. Each stand is designed for 15 scooters, with 405 scooters available in total.

Another 24 additional parking stations with ten electric scooters each will appear at VDNH in early May. This will bring the total number of parking stations at VDNH to 51, which is almost two times more than last year.

All rental stations work 24/7 To use them, download the Urent or Rusharing app for iOS or Android, register an account and scan the QR code on the scooter's handlebar.

In May, VDNH will also launch five automatic electric bike rental stations with 50 bikes. They will be located on the Square of Industry, near building No. 164 and pavilions No. 20 (Central House of Car Sports), No. 22 (BigWall Climbing Centre), No. 37 Poultry and No. 61 Tsentrosoyuz. The stations will increase the mobility of VDNH visitors, allowing them to reach distant areas, and will also create a new service within VDNH's transport infrastructure.

You can rent a bicycle or scooter not only at the Main Entrance arch but also in the immediate vicinity of the walkways in other parts of VDNH: near the Khovansky and Likhoborsky entrances. VDNH visitors can choose between any of the 500 modern bicycles, 200 velomobiles and 100 scooters. Most of the fleet (about 70%) is located at points with maximum traffic: to the left and right of the Main Entrance arch.

You can find the location of all the currently available bike rental offices and electric scooter parking stations on the interactive map.

You can use personal and rented bicycles, scooters, rollerblades or skateboards on a special lane. It runs along the Ring Road and is about 10 km long.

Those who prefer comfortable private rides can once again use eco-taxis. Last year, almost 20,000 VDNH visitors used the service. You can book a taxi by phone in advance or in the parking lot: near the Northern and Southern loops by the Main Entrance arch, the Khovansky and Sovkhozny checkpoints and behind the Space Pavilion. For more information, visit VDNH's official website.

VDNH provides ample opportunities both for the people who prefer to walk on foot and those who like to use transport. You can find special stops and Yandex.Taxi counters at the VDNH grounds. The Ring Road route is routinely operated by a free e-bus. On the exhibition premises, the patch between VDNH and Botanicheskiy Sad metro stations is served by bus route No. 533. Mobility-impaired visitors are offered accessible vehicles equipped with wheelchair ramps.

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