Celebrating International Jazz Day: the final event of the spring programme Knowledge. VDNH

28 april 2021

30 April is International Jazz Day. To celebrate it, the project Knowledge. VDNH invites everyone to the jazz and poetry show Three Quarters. This will be the final event of the project's spring programme. The event will take place in the lecture hall of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion. Admission is free by prior registration.

On the last day of April, the participants of the project Knowledge. VDNH will see a unique project of the singer and actress Daria Retinskaya and the Iskra Band collective. The Three Quarters show blends modern Russian poetry and jazz standards in a brilliant performance by the ensemble's members. Poems give rise to a lot of meanings, and together with music, they also evoke powerful emotions: sensuality and lightness, wisdom and pain, passion and tenderness. That evening, VDNH guests will immerse themselves in thoughts, memories and feelings to the accompaniment of beautiful music, rhythms and rhymes.

Vocals and poetry: Daria Retinskaya. Piano: Anton Krasnenker. Double bass: Aleksandr Gavrilin. The event starts at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free. Due to the ongoing anti-coronavirus restrictions, the available seating is limited to 50% of room capacity. Advance registration is required. Visitors are required to wear face masks and gloves and maintain social distancing.

The cultural and educational project Knowledge. VDNH returned to offline format in early March. The Cosmonautics and Aviation and Slovo centres have brought their learning activities into the project this season. The programme consists of several new themed cycles, as well as lectures on Russian literature, films about space, performances for children and adults, workshops and guided tours. The project's summer season kicks off on 1 June.

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