VDNH Invites Everyone on an Audio Tour of Space Landmarks

29 april 2021

The 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space and the story of Sergei Korolev, the author of one of the major technological breakthroughs in the history of mankind, inspired Sberbank to collaborate with the Future History studio. The result is a fascinating audio tour of Moscow and VDNH based on scientific works and letters of Sergei Korolev and testimonials about him.

The premiere of the audio performance Chasing the Light, which tells about the first manned flight into space, will take place on 29 April in the Moscow Art Theatre mobile app. The content is available for free to everyone. In the story, the main character recalls everything he had to face on the way to the main event of his life. A walk with the audio performance around VDNH is an excellent opportunity to see Russia's space achievements and experience powerful emotions.

'Mobile theatre is a new format that immerses the listeners in cultural content using digital technologies. The listeners of this audio performance will plunge into the atmosphere of the era of great space achievements', says Vladislav Kreinin, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing and Communications Department of Sberbank.
'I find it very important that the main character of this performance is Sergei Korolev, a great Russian scientist with an amazing destiny. His story became a source of inspiration for everyone involved in the creation of this performance. 'Chasing the Light is an amazing experience, an opportunity to get into Korolev's head for an hour and live his life while walking around the routes he walked 60 years ago', says Mikhail Zygar, creator and artistic director of the Moscow Art Theatre.

To start the performance, simply download the Moscow Art Theatre mobile app in the Appstore or Google Play and put on your headphones. For a complete immersion, you should come to VDNH, which will transform into a real theatre stage. The route is part of the performance. It starts at the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics, passes the Sergei Korolev Memorial House and leads to the Space Pavilion and the Vostok rocket model, the main art object of the performance.

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