Opportunities for VDNH Visitors with Disabilities

11 may 2021

VDNH pays great attention to creating a barrier-free environment that makes VDNH visitors with reduced mobility feel comfortable. Many pavilions are equipped with ramps. VDNH regularly holds special events and has an inclusive children's playground available. People with reduced mobility have access to individual transfer service that will take them anywhere across VDNH free of charge.

Inclusivity and accessibility are our top priorities. We aim to create an ecosystem that will make all our guests feel accepted and included.

Access to the Territory and Parking

Persons with disabilities (groups 1, 2, 3) and disabled children can enter the territory in a private vehicle free of charge. They can be driving the car themselves or be in a passenger seat. They need to present federal-standard documents in order to enter. Organised groups of people with disabilities need to send an advance written notification to the VDNH administration.

VDNH has special car parking places for visitors with reduced mobility.

Visitors with disabilities can use special free transport that circulates around VDNH territory. The vehicles are equipped with ramps for convenient wheelchair access to the salon as well as comfortable seats for accompanying persons. The vehicles circulate from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, all year round. They can be pre-booked by phone: +7(495)974-33-99

Visiting Museums and Workshops

VDNH provides the visitors with disabilities with a wide range of activities for exciting and educational leisure.

Visitors with physical limitations can make use of the Kind Museum programme. When planning your visit to the museums, please advise us of your visit in advance to be assigned a curator. To book the service, call +7(495)966-19-29 (the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre), +7(495)966-19-27 (the 'Slovo' Centre) or +7(495)544-34-96 (the VDNH Museum), or email us at tour@vdnh.ru.

VDNH residents also regularly hold workshops that help visitors learn something new, find like-minded people or study an interesting profession or craft. Charity classes are held at museums, the House of Culture, the Special Ceramics workshop and at other locations. Moskvarium offers dolphin therapy sessions for children with disabilities.

Guided Tours and Audio Guide

VDNH organises guided tours of its grounds and pavilions for visitors with disabilities. They need to be booked in advance by calling +7(495)544-34-96 or +7(495)544-34-73, or sending an email totour@vdnh.ru.

If you want a private sightseeing tour of the VDNH territory, you can use an audio guide. During the 90-minute-long tour, you will walk from the Main Entrance arch to the Space Pavilion and back. The narrative covers 38 landmarks, including the Soviet republic pavilions, fountains and other architectural masterpieces and VDNH symbols.

Barrier-Free Environment

Today, VDNH is creating a barrier-free environment to best accommodate guests with reduced mobility. Many pavilions and restrooms are equipped with ramps for people with reduced mobility. Children with disabilities can use a special children's playground.

Visitors can enter the VDNH museum complex with a guide dog if they have a document confirming its special training and issued in accordance with the established rules.

The VDNH flagship information centre (in the Main Entrance arch) has a special device for people with hearing impairments that recognises spoken speech and displays it on the screen. It also has a keyboard for entering text.

We continue to work on improving the accessibility of VDNH spaces, events, services and information resources. Please send your suggestions to info@vdnh.ru.

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