22 Active Weekends: the Fourth Season of Sports Weekends Kicks Off at VDNH

14 may 2021

VDNH invites everyone to improve their health in the open air. Starting from 15 May and until October, VDNH will host the Sports Weekend project organised together with the Moscow Department of Sports and My Documents centres of public services. Anyone can take part in the free group yoga, Zumba and Nordic walking classes held by professional instructors. Advance registration is required.

This summer, VDNH will host Sports Weekend training sessions for five different sports. The programme includes Nordic walking, yoga, Zumba, outdoor stretching and functional training.

The classes start every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. The number of participants is limited. The sessions will take place on the veranda of the VDNH House of Culture and near the Healthy Moscow Pavilion.

They are aimed at people of all skill levels and last between 50 and 90 minutes. We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothes and bringing the necessary equipment.

All the sports classes are aimed at improving the general physical and emotional state of participants. Walking improves posture and endurance. Yoga helps with flexibility, balance and relaxation. Zumba sessions consist of dance workouts accompanied by popular Latin American rhythms. They combine simple Latin dance and hip-hop elements, classical aerobics steps and basic choreography that not only help you to actively burn calories but also fill you with positive emotions. Those who want to improve their strength, concentration and balance should try functional training.

This season also features a new discipline called street stretching: a set of exercises aimed at stretching the body, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Stretching helps to maintain good physical shape and feel energised while improving the work of your respiratory system and oxygenation.

The team of instructors consists of professional athletes, doctors, fitness trainers, winners of various championships and candidates and masters of sports.

To attend the classes, you need to sign up on the project website or in any Moscow office of My Documents. The number of participants is limited.

In addition, as in the previous two seasons, the training sessions will be available online (on the project's YouTube channel).

Sports Weekend is a popular project of the Moscow Department of Sports and the centres of public services My Documents. It is being held in Moscow for the fourth year in a row. Due to the pandemic, the last two seasons were held online. Sports fans trained with professional instructors on YouTube or individually via Zoom.

This year, Sports Weekends will be held in 15 Moscow parks, including VDNH. In total, the fourth season of the project should consist of 1,980 online and offline training sessions.

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