VDNH announces Green City, the festival of flowers and organic foods

24 august 2021

The Green City festival is set to premiere at VDNH on 26 through 29 August. For four consecutive days, visitors get to enjoy the fair of organic produce and plants, creative and culinary workshops, lectures, games and food samplings in the outdoor fairground by the Summer Cinema and Lectorium. The festival is fully compliant with the anti-coronavirus restrictions currently in force. Admission is free, but some activities require prior registration.

The fair of plants, environment-friendly products and healthy foods will take centre stage at the Green City festival. The offerings at the fair will include potted and garden plants, seeds and other planting stock, décor products, garden tools and equipment, plant and home care products as well as organic make-up products.

Farmers will be offering an extensive selection of organic foods, such as Myod and Klever handmade ice-cream, vegan speciality beverages by Ovsyanka, Sir!, pine nut-based foods by Dom Kedroff and Sibirskie Kedry, craft cheeses by De la Ferme creamery, Cheese&Butter Shop and Adygeyan cheesemakers, Ossetian foods by Vkus Alanii, different kinds of honey, alpine herbal teas and much more. The confectionery maker Sladkoe and the Indian restaurant Masala House will team up to unveil a healthy and nutritious menu for the whole family, and Globus superstores will arrange sampling events where visitors can try organic foods and learn about their health value.

The festival's programme is packed with events and activities for visitors. The public Lectorium will be open during the entire festival, running presentations of new flower varieties and bio-products for plant protection and nutrition, workshops teaching how to nurse irises, lilies, hydrangeas, violets, peonies, decorative shrubs, berries and vegetables, and shows of environment-friendly apparel for the whole family. Visitors are welcome to attend the workshops where they can learn floral design and decoration, the ancient Japanese Ichiban painting technique and how to make foamiran picture cards.

Molokoteka will be offering its own set of themed lectures and workshops. Those in attendance will learn how to develop 'green' habits and sustainable consumption practices, how to upcycle clothes and shoes, and how to make an exclusive shopping bag to replace disposable bags. Some other life hacks to be learned at the festival are how to tell the difference between cheese made from goat's milk and cow's milk and how to combine the right kinds of wine and cheese. Visitors also get to try some healthy milk-based drinks. Prior registration is required to attend the events.

Another festival participant, Olesya Shevshuk's School of Cheesemaking, will be offering cheesemaking workshops and cheese sampling events on the weekend, 28 and 29 August. If you wish to learn how to make pulled-curd, brine-ripened cheese such as Mozzarella, head for the Summer Cinema and Lectorium on Saturday at 1 p.m. or 4 p.m. A Cheese Primo Sale class will be held there at the same time on Sunday.

The anti-coronavirus safety precautions continue to apply at VDNH. Visitors are expected to wear face masks inside the pavilions and observe social distancing everywhere on the grounds.

VENUE: outdoor fairground by the Summer Cinema and Lectorium.

TIME: from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., 26–29 August.

Admission price: free, but some activities require prior registration.

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