Monument to I. V. Michurin

About place

Right beside the Polytechnic Museum, you will notice a monument to Ivan Michurin, a famous Russian biologist and plant breeder, known for rearing multiple fruit and berry cultivars. The sculpture was created by Dmitry Zhilov.

By 1954, when the monument was erected, over 500 different fruit- and berry-bearing trees and shrubs had already been planted in the Michurin Garden. They included different pear, apple, plum, cherry and grape varieties, some of which Ivan Michurin had cultivated personally.

Today, the Michurin Garden is part of the Cultivated Nature segment at VDNH's Landscape Park. We especially recommend coming here in spring, when the apple trees are in full bloom.

Interesting Facts

Dmitry Zhilov was not, in fact, a professional sculptor. Before the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, he had spent a long time working as an agronomist. But he turned out to have a powerful artistic talent, and when he entered the sculpture contest, he managed to best prominent masters of the craft.

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