Exhibitions at the 'Slovo' Centre for Slavic Writing

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The 'Slovo' Centre is part of the Friends of VDNH loyalty programme. You can buy tickets on the VDNH website or the Centre's website. Entrance to the pavilion is granted once per hour. The first session starts at 11:00 AM and last, at 9:00 PM.

The 'Slovo' Centre for Slavic Writing is a unique museum and educational institution for children and adults, a point of attraction for lovers of the Russian language as well as fans of architecture, culture and history. Here you will learn how Russian writing is evolving, what role it plays in the lives of different nations and how it has interacted with oral speech over the centuries.

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The first part of the exposition tells visitors about how written language emerged and developed from antiquity to the present day. The second part is dedicated to the connection between texts and the spiritual, cultural and political life of society. The third part is all about the history and the future of letters—the main symbols of the written language. The final part, titled Culture Without Written Language, is devoted to the fate of oral language. It talks about folklore, linguistic peculiarities and non-verbal means of communication. Guests can listen to lullabies and epics and watch videos while relaxing in special felt pods.

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119 Mira Avenue, pavilion No. 58
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