Exposition of the VDNH Museum

Tomorrow from 11:00
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The VDNH Museum is part of the Friends of VDNH loyalty programme. For now, you can only buy tickets online. Sessions start every hour. The first session starts at 11:00 AM and the last, at 9:00 PM.

Guests will learn how the country's Main Exhibition was created, how it worked across different epochs, how its ensemble was formed and how its content has changed. This first-ever public database dedicated to the 80 years of VDNH's history is launched with the help of interactive exhibits, unique educational board games and an impressive media centre.

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The museum space, with a twelve-segment display, a media screen, and interactive panels, is divided into five thematic zones: Friendship of Peoples, Parade of Victories, All-Peoples University, City of Wonders and One Day at the Exhibition.

  • The Friendship of Peoples section discusses the contribution of different Soviet republics during the creation and development of VDNH as well as famous international guests who visited.

  • In the Parade of Victories section, guests can learn more about the life of our country after the World War II, about the exhibits and pavilions dedicated to achievements in agriculture, heavy industry and other areas.

  • All-Peoples University is dedicated to scientific breakthroughs. These have always been an important element of the exhibitions and temporary expositions organized.

  • A visit to the City of Wonders section takes you on a fascinating journey through time, aimed at seeing how the architectural pearls of the country's Main Exhibition looked decades ago.

  • At One Day at the Exhibition, you will see what attracted visitors to VDNH in different historical periods. Interestingly enough, the main walking route has not changed much over the years — it has always passed through such iconic places as the Central Alley, the Cosmos pavilion and the Green Theatre.

The exposition employs an extensive database of digitalised archive photos, schemes, documents and newsreels. It will keep growing, getting updated to bring together tens of thousands of new materials.

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