Excursions «National Flavours at VDNH»

Today from 10:30
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The majestic pavilions of the Exhibition have long symbolized the Russian school of architecture, with its Soviet Empire style, Neo-Classicism, Modernism, and colourful national flavours. Participants will explore the historic sections of the Exhibition and learn interesting facts about how the Republican pavilions were made.

Taken together, the pavilions were designed to resemble an ensemble of Soviet architecture, but at the same time add national flavour from the republic it represented.

Guests will learn about when the idea of the Exhibition first emerged, the purposes it served, and what it has seen over 80 years. The tour guide will share interesting facts about the ethnic styles of the republic pavilions, the decorative elements that differentiate them and the ethnic architects who designed them.

Intricate Shabakas and gancho patterns, sgraffito decorations, wood carvings, copper casting, ironworks, wrought decorations, stained glass, majolica, ceramics, and smalt—these are just some of the decorative styles you will discover during this tour.

All tours must be booked in advance by phone +7(495)554-34-96, +7(495)544-34-73. Bookings are open from Monday to Friday.

10:30 — 18:00
По предварительному заказу
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Sign up for a tour in advance by phoning +7(495)554-34-96, +7(495)544-34-73.
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RUB 5,000
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