Excursions «Away from Urban Noise. A Stroll around Landscape Park»

Tomorrow from 10:30
About event

Tired of the city noises? Want to feel closer to nature and relax? The Exhibition tour guides invite you to an exciting stroll around Landscape Park.

We believe that this will surprise even those who think they know everything about the Exhibition. On this stroll, you will see giant birds in the trees and a steel armadillo, you will walk through the treetops and even try to find your way out of a labyrinth of hedges.

The VDNH Landscape Park is a unique environmental project with an area encompassing more than 87 hectares. It is a place where VDNH visitors can walk in the open air. The Park occupies a huge territory between the Green Theatre and the City Farm.

The complex consists of five thematic zones symbolizing the change the wild to cultivated nature. These zones are: Botanical Nature, Nature of Entertainment, Wild Nature, Nature of Arts and Sciences, and Cultivated Nature. Each of these fill the space of VDNH with new meanings, while preserving its architectural, historic, and natural legacy. They are all connected with the 5.6-km long Main Alley.

Meeting point: Square of Industry

Duration: 2 hours.

All tours must be booked in advance by phoning +7(495)554-34-96, +7(495)544-34-73. Bookings are open from Monday to Friday.

10:30 — 18:00
По предварительному заказу
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Sign up for a tour in advance by phoning +7(495)554-34-96, +7(495)544-34-73.
Group of up to 25 people
RUB 5,000
Group of up to 35 people
RUB 5,500
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