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Moscow Cable Car is a member of the Friends of VDNH loyalty programme. Tickets are available on the VDNH website.

Fly over the Moskva River! A new centre of gravity on Vorobyovy Hills, Moscow's first cable car spans the two banks of the Moskva River. It is difficult to imagine another place in Moscow where a cable car would fit in as organically, or be as much in demand as here. The powerful cable car flies you from the Luzhniki Sports Complex to the legendary Vorobyovy Gory observation deck in no time.

The futuristic gondolas offer breathtaking views of the Moskva River embankments, the Luzhniki Stadium, the high-rise towers of the Moscow City business district, the main building of the Lomonosov State University of Moscow and other signature landmarks.

The 720-metre-long route has three stations: Vorobyovy Gory (28 Kosygina Street), Novaya Liga (Vorobyovskaya Embankment) and Luzhniki (24c1 Luzhnetskaya Embankment). The cable cars can carry 1,600 passengers an hour. The cable car pylons rise to the height of a nine-storey building (35 metres) above the banks of the Moskva River.

Each of the 33 comfortable roofed gondolas has eight seats. The gondolas are equipped with media screens, audio guides in four languages (Russian, English, Chinese and Spanish), LED illumination and hooks for bicycles, skis and snowboards. The gondolas have room for baby strollers and wheelchairs. The gondola fleet also has two VIP gondolas for newlyweds and the more demanding passengers.

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За 30 минут до закрытия Московской канатной дороги гости могут проехать в обе стороны, а за 20 мин. в одну
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Round trip ticket, adults (Wed, Thu, Fri)
RUB 450
Round trip ticket, adults (Sat and Sun)
RUB 600
One way ticket, adults (Sat and Sun)
RUB 400
Vorobyovy Gory–Luzhniki or Luzhniki–Vorobyovy Gory
Round trip ticket, children (Wed, Thu and Fri)
RUB 300
Round trip ticket, children (Sat and Sun)
RUB 500
One way ticket, children (Sat and Sun)
RUB 300
Vorobyovy Gory–Luzhniki or Luzhniki–Vorobyovy Gory
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