Sky Town. Rope Park

Today till 23:00
About place

The rope park Sky Town is open to the public.

This building of 1,000 sq. m. is located in front of the historic Pavilion No. 27, Physical Culture and Sports. Sky Town features all kinds of obstacles, entertaining features, viewing platforms and a children's playground.

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At Sky Town rope park, physical exercise becomes a fun and exciting activity. You are 100% safe even at a height of over 16 m.

Come enjoy this 'rope jungle' at VDNH on your own or with a group of friends. Here, school and college students can pass the re-introduced Ready for Labour and Defence tests; professional athletes can train and companies and government institutions can strengthen their health and the corporate spirit of their team.

10:00 — 23:00
Касса работает
до 22:00
Payment by card
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starts from RUB 1,150
Weekdays – RUB 1,150; weekends – 1,500
starts from RUB 850
Weekdays – RUB 850; weekends – RUB 1,250
Giant swing
starts from RUB 400
Weekdays – RUB 400; weekends – RUB 500
Kid's Parkour
starts from RUB 600
Weekdays – RUB 600; weekends – RUB 800
Class with an instructor
starts from RUB 2,500
Weekdays – RUB 2,500; weekends – RUB 3,000
RUB 4,500
Discount ticket
– 20%
At the ticket office, you can buy discount tickets (for students, pensioners, veterans, large families) upon presentation of a verification document. 20% discount on tariffs: Adults, Children, Parkour on weekdays and weekends.
Combo Cosmos+
Combo tickets that allow you to visit several objects at a nice discount are available at VDNH. More information.
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