Pavilion No. 15 Russian Olympic Movement Museum

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The pavilion was built in 1954. The décor keynotes on the main façade and inside the pavilion are the heroic iconography of Soviet Victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War, and revitalisation of Soviet agriculture. A museum of the Russian Olympic Committee will be opening in the pavilion after the ongoing renovation.

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Year built, architect

Built in 1954 to the design of E.V. Yakovlev and Joseph Shoshensky.

Name changes

Before 1959: Pavilion of the Greater Volga Region.


Federal cultural heritage site.

Current state

Closed for restoration.

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119 Mira Avenue, Pavilion No. 15

The building originally had eight exhibition rooms: Introductory Room, rooms of the Mordovian and Chuvash Autonomous Republics, rooms devoted to the regions of Stalingrad, Saratov, Kuibyshev, Ulyanovsk and Astrakhan, all telling the success stories of thriving rural industries in the regions along the Volga.

The new occupant, moving in in 1959, was the Radio Electronics and Telecommunication exposition, showcasing the cutting-edge wireless technology of the time as well as diverse pertinent hardware and measurement instruments.

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