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Technograd Training Complex is an educational institution where people can learn new skills, upgrade their existing qualification or try their hand at a new trade in one of the fascinating workshops offered by Technograd.

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Training Format

With its policy of minimising theory and maximising hands-on practice, the new training format offered by Technograd has proved effective with trainees of nearly all ages. Here you can build and fly a professional UAV, make your own wall clock, learn how to prepare restaurant-quality julienne and lots of other useful things.

Students get to learn fr om practising professionals. The line-up of instructors includes college and university professors, academics with international credentials. Muscovites are welcome to benefit fr om expert career counselling at Technograd as well as master practical skills that will look great on the resume. The training courses are overseen by Technograd's partner companies, who will consider offering staff jobs to successful graduates. You get to hone your new skills on state-of-the-art equipment. Technograd is one of Russia's designated high-tech sites equipped with 3D printers, a professional sound recording studio, a fleet of UAVs and other facilities that surpass the technological level of the average industrial enterprise.

Five Buildings

Technograd is a compound sized almost 26,000 square metres in the eastern part of VDNH. It is a complex of five buildings, each with its own specialisation:

  • Service. Technograd is the place wh ere people learn to prepare culinary chefs d'oeuvre. Here you can train for such trades as baker, pâtissier, chef, barista, or simply learn to cook some new dishes.

  • Art. Technograd is wh ere they teach diverse métiers d’art, from photography and sound recording to watch-making and computer animation. The Career Development Centre is also based in this building.

  • Digit.Technograd is a hive of workshops and studios offering interactive courses and master classes in digital industry occupations such as UAV piloting, robotics and much more.

  • Urban.Technograd offers courses and workshops in home improvement, construction, landscaping and other urban occupations.

  • Prom.Technograd offers courses and workshops taught by highly skilled engineers, practising designers and mechanics. For example, Prom.Technograd offers workshops in welding and auto repair.

Career Counselling

If you are undecided about what to do in life, the helpful staff at the Career Development Centre will help you make up your mind: you can get valuable career counselling and employability advice here. The centre invites guest HR experts to teach personal and professional growth workshops on a regular basis. The centre offers career testing not only for adults but for children and teens as well.

Technograd for Children

Apart from vocational training, Technograd offers plenty of useful activities for the whole family. There is a day learning programme for children aged 7 to 14 during the school holidays. The children spend the day attending various workshops, learning new things and trying their hand at different crafts. Technograd hosts matinees for children during the Christmas season.

They also organise birthday parties and quest games for groups.

There are many other amusements and training options available on Technograd premises, such as tours, workshops, mass-culture events of an entertaining, creative or educational nature, career fairs and more.

City of the Future

In addition to being a fully functional career services emporium, Technograd has much to offer in terms of architecture. Technograd looks like a piece of some futuristic urban sprawl, with many scenes that positively beg for a photo.

The architectural concept was designed by a team of architects including Nicholas Champkins, the English architect who had contributed to the master planning for London's Olympic Park and completed several projects for Cambridge University and the BBC.

The finishing on the buildings involves innovative materials such as fibreglass concrete (artificial rock), which was used in the façade panels. Technograd buildings are linked via heated glass passages. The lighting in the buildings self-adjusts according to the intensity of natural light and the time of day.

09:00 — 21:00
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119 Mira Avenue, buildings 63, 165, 318, 320–322, 328, 329, 332

Historical Background

In Soviet time, the News of the Countryside exposition occupied most of the grounds that belong to Technograd today. The specimen rural homes on display sat side by side with all kinds of utility and household buildings: vehicle repair shop, water tower, oil depot, bathhouse, field repair shop, tractor brigade garage, storage cellar and whatnot.

The early post-Soviet years saw the area built over chaotically, without any system. Most of the area was occupied by utility buildings and barns—there was nothing there VDNH could be proud of.

Technograd's central building, Pavilion No. 63 Maintenance of Farm Machinery (formerly Vehicle and Tractor Shop) was abandoned and fell into dereliction in the years preceding the redevelopment. The buildings next door included a sausage factory built entirely from standard prefab units, some houses imitating country cottages, a three-story office block, some warehouses, a garage and other buildings of limited value. This part of the exhibition complex was not popular with visitors until recently.

One of the central ideas behind Technograd and Knowledge Park overall was to redevelop the area in the eastern part of VDNH into a successful property while conserving the historic legacy buildings.

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