BIGWALLSPORT. Climbing Centre. Pavilion No. 22 Fruit and Vegetable Gardening (former Grape Growing and Gardening)

Today till 22:00
About place

The climbing centre BigWall is open to the public.

The BigWall climbing wall, based on its different types and structures, imitates a real rock face partially or completely. The big and spacious pavilion is transformed into an advanced technological world created especially for amateur and professional climbers. It is suitable for both young and experienced athletes.

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Bigwallsport sets the standard in urban climbing.

Our big pavilion, filled with light, takes you to into a new world, to a unique, personal experience and a comfortable environment for meeting fellow climbers.

Visitors are greeted by a spacious hall surrounded by panoramic windows. The 13-m-high climbing wall has a zone that imitates real rock to give you the feeling of a real mountain climber. We also have 9-m-high walls with routes of varying difficulty: our professional coaches will help you choose the right one for you.

All walls are equipped with safety harnesses for beginners and solo climbers.

Our climbing centre gives you a great opportunity to try something new and fun.

10:00 — 22:00
Tickets price
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Weekdays before 4:00 PM
RUB 450
Weekdays after 4:00 PM and weekends
RUB 650
Students, children and other categories qualify for a discount upon presentation of a verification document.
Combo Cosmos+
Combo tickets that allow you to visit several objects at a nice discount are available at VDNH. More information. The combo ticket Cosmos+ includes an extra service Three Test Tries on the Climbing Wall that consists of a supervised class, equipment rental and three climbing sessions at the height of 9 m. The service is available upon prior registration by calling +7 (499) 653-60-30. The classes are conducted in groups. New groups start every hour during the opening hours of the climbing centre.
Start-Up introductory class
this is a guest class with an instructor in a group of up to 10 people that lasts 45 minutes. The class includes instruction, all the necessary equipment and test climbs at 13 metres under the supervision of a professional instructor. The service is available upon prior registration by calling +7 (499) 653-60-30.
119 Mira Avenue, pavilion No. 22


In the past, the Fruit and Vegetable Gardening pavilion was engaged in cultivating various garden crops.

Date of Construction, Author

The pavilion was built in 1967 in the place of the destroyed Grape Farming pavilion by the architects Akopov and Zhuk with the assistance of Pumpyanskaya; the engineer was A. M. Broyda.

Name Changes

Initially, it was called Fruit and Vegetable Gardening and Potato Farming, then—Grape Farming and Gardening (with the name change, the exposition didn't actually change much).

Current State

It hosts the first stage of the BIGWALLSPORT climbing centre—the bouldering hall.

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